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It is located in a very central location on the European side of Istanbul. Zeytinburnu district is adjacent to Fatih, Eyüpsultan, Bayrampaşa, Güngören, Bakırköy and Esenler districts. Since it is located directly near the E5 motorway, the Zeytinburnu district is strategically located in a very important location.

Zeytinburnu district is one of the smallest districts of Istanbul with this feature with an area of ​​only 11 square kilometers. Besides, according to the latest census, its population is around 293 thousand. The population density of the Zeytinburnu district is extremely high.

It has managed to draw the attention of foreign investors with the Istanbul real estate projects that have recently risen in the district. Zeytinburnu offers very advantageous investment opportunities for the coming years. Providing many options to investors who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, Zeytinburnu also guarantees high profits with the rapid increase in value.

History of Zeytinburnu

Directly adjacent to the Historical Peninsula, Zeytinburnu has been an important location throughout history due to its proximity to this region. It was named “Zeytinburnu” by considering the olive groves located in the cape region of the coastline due to their geographical structure.

This location, which was thought to have been used as a port or a castle during the Roman period, was directly on the route of the Egnatia Road connecting Europe to the center of Eastern Rome.

In this context, Zeytinburnu was a strategically important location, especially during the Roman period. After the city was conquered by the Ottomans, Greek priests were settled in the Zeytinburnu region. This district played an important role in the development of industry in the last period of the Ottoman Empire.

Especially for leather activities and industrial production, Zeytinburnu has been known as a production center for more than 100 years. Maintaining its industrial importance during the Republic period, the district acquired the status of a district in 1957.

Places to Visit in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu has a deep-rooted history both as a coastal district and historically. Therefore, it is home to many places to visit. It is an important location especially in terms of cultural tourism.

Panorama 1453 museum, which is an environment where the conquest of Istanbul can be experienced in the best way, is among the most popular places in Zeytinburnu. Apart from this, Topkapı Culture Park is among the places where cultural activities are intense in the district.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Zeytinburnu

Since Zeytinburnu is a multicultural and cosmopolitan district, its cuisine culture is also versatile. Apart from this, Zeytinburnu, which received immigration from the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia regions after the 50s, is also very rich in terms of local cuisine.

Especially kebab houses are among the most preferred eating and drinking places in the district. Besides, the Black Sea cuisine and Balkan cuisine are among the places that are frequently preferred in local flavours.

The Black Sea Cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
Eastern Anatolian Cuisine
Kebab Houses & Fireside
Local Tastes
Street Flavors

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