Why Foreign Investors Prefer Turkey?

Turkey, which had a population of 68 million in 2006, reached 80 million at the end of 2016. The authorities say that the annual population growth is 1.4%, with a more steady increase compared to countries such as Germany, France, and Spain.

Considering the demographic distribution, the figures showing that 48% of the population is under the age of 30 indicate that the population under 40 has increased to 64%.

In terms of investment trends and ownership status, we see that the rate of homeownership is 59% and the rate of tenancy is 22.4%, while the remaining population lives in homes belonging to their families.

50% of Turkey’s total population lives in 10 metropolises

Our country has been the center of attraction for foreign countries throughout history due to its geopolitical location. Today, foreigners see our country as a livable place due to its clean air and geographical beauties. So much so that their housing investments have reached surprising rates today.

The record level was reached in the houses sold to Arab investors with the enactment of the Reciprocity Law. Foreign nationals who invest in real estate worth 250 thousand dollars can obtain citizenship from Turkey. Although this citizenship law is in demand in the Middle East geography, there are also demands from the USA and Africa.

Turkey has hosted rooted civilizations in Anatolia for thousands of years. From this point of view, it is described as a mixture of cultures. In this country where countless civilizations and empires have been hosted and wars that have shaped world history for centuries have been fought, people are very tolerant and respectful of different cultures and nations.

Turkey which is having the ability to live four seasons together is known for its natural beauties all over the world. On the other hand, life in Turkey is financially more affordable than in other countries and requirements such as accommodation, nutrition, and entertainment can be met at affordable prices.

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