Which Countries Give Citizenship by Investment?

Many people think that having more than one passport only applies to the richest people in the world. However, second citizenship can be obtained very easily with small amounts and different application methods. These applications include ancestry, real estate investment, business development, and capital transfer.

United States of America

The USA is the most preferred country for citizenship by investment. The US runs several immigration investment programs, including L1, E2, Individual EB-5, and Regional Center EB-5. A minimum investment of 900,000 USD is required in a state-approved project in the United States.


Investors are required to keep a minimum of £ 2 million in an investment account for 5 years.


Citizenship from Canada can be obtained by making a ‘start-up’ type of investment with 617.000 USD.


Portugal Golden Visa has gained popularity in Turkey for the last few years. It provides the opportunity to apply for European citizenship at the end of the fifth year by staying in Portugal only 7 days a year. Portugal Golden Visas (Golden Visa) is the most suitable for citizens of Turkish origin among the investment and citizenship programs in Europe. The minimum investment amount is 350,000 Euros.

New Zealand

It grants citizenship with an investment of approximately 6.5 million dollars.


You can have a Maltese passport within 12 months with a contribution of € 650,000 to the Maltese government and some additional conditions.


Spain gives a residence permit in Spain to those who invest in real estate with a minimum of 500,000 Euros. With this residence card, people who permanently reside in Spain can apply for Spanish citizenship after 10 years.

South Cyprus

Citizenship can be obtained quickly by purchasing one or more real estates for a minimum of 2.000.000 Euros in Southern Cyprus.

You can apply with the most suitable option for you and gain second citizenship in a very short time. Partners Global Turkey is a reliable institution that you can reach for all your questions and suggestions. You can reach us via [email protected] and our contact forms.

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