Where to Get a Medical Report for Foreigners in Turkey?

Health report; It is defined as a document showing that the person is suitable for health and does not carry any risk. Foreigners, who want to work in high-risk jobs, get married or document some health conditions in Turkey need a medical report from a full-fledged hospital.

Foreigners residing in Turkey with a legal residence permit can obtain this document from state hospitals that issue a medical report. In addition, we remind you that it is a legal obligation to request a health report by the company in high-risk jobs, and it is useful to have a valid HES code to be examined in health institutions. The medical report requested for marriage procedures includes tests such as lung x-rays, blood tests, and Mediterranean anemia.

Where to apply for a health report?

First of all, if foreigners want to obtain a full-fledged medical report, we would like to state that this opportunity can be found in all state hospitals, including health centers.

We recommend that you check the state, research, and private hospitals where you can get a full-fledged medical report in Turkey and then apply to the relevant institution. In addition to this, health reports can be obtained from family physicians in Turkey, but the full-fledged reports requested especially during the employment are not given by the family medicine.

For full-fledged medical reports, you must visit state hospitals or private hospitals authorized to issue reports. The documents required for the health report are; identity document, 2 photographs, and an application document. It is also worth remembering that the report fee may vary according to the purchase purpose.

There are two options for Turkish citizens and foreign nationals living in Turkey to benefit from health services. Having general health insurance or private health insurance is between these two options. General health insurance of these is covered by the state. Private health insurance is obtained through a person paying a certain monthly fee to an insurance company.

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