What are the Benefits of Turkish Citizenship?

Turkey has been producing a significant global effect on business, investment, tourism, and immigrant life in recent years. Therefore, many foreign nationals want to benefit from the same rights as a Turkish person by moving to Turkey, establishing a business in Turkey, or becoming a Turkish citizen. Among the advantages of Turkish citizenship, besides the work permit and voting right, the elimination of the need for a residence permit saves time and money.

In addition, individuals who qualify for Turkish citizenship can also pay to the social security system for their health and retirement pension. In our country, compulsory education system implementation covers all citizens.

The state is obliged to ensure that everyone, without any discrimination among its citizens, receives basic education in modern educational conditions and free of charge. It provides scholarships for students whose financial means are insufficient. Turkey takes necessary measures for citizens who need special education. Turkey, following the definition of the social state, provides its citizens with houses, roads, hospitals, parks, sports fields, etc. offers services.

Many countries grant visas to Turkish passport holders in easy conditions!

Negotiations and international agreements between Turkey and the European Union result positively, and if Turkey joins the European Union as expected, Turkish citizens will have the right to go to many European countries without a visa in the future by holding a Schengen visa. Many foreign nationals wonder how to apply for Turkish citizenship either by life or business and seek an answer to the question of how to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Turkey is a modern country with its developing industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors, the products it exports, and its distinguished position at the regional and international level, which has witnessed significant growth in its sub-projects, attracts foreign investments, supports real estate investments that attract foreign capital.

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