What are the Advantages and Opportunities Offered by Turkey?


As a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey is a mixture of different cultures, beliefs, and languages. It is a country visited by tourists in all seasons with its strategic location, geography, historical values, developing economy, and cultural richness. It has a climate suitable for summer and winter tourism and unique natural beauties. For all these reasons, foreigners who visit Turkey once prefer to invest to live in Turkey and obtain citizenship and passport.

Geographical and strategic advantage:

Compared to other countries, Turkey’s geographical and strategic location is extremely valuable. Straits have always been the points that privilege civilizations. Turkey which is a bridge between Europe and Asia has an important role in world trade with its important routes. It also has an important and strategic location between two major continents globally.


It is geographically surrounded by the Mediterranean, Aegean, Black Sea, and Marmara seas from 3 sides. Turkey is warm and soft in winter; it has the advantage of a sea country with its warm weather in summer. Turkey has developed in almost every part of the country thanks to its favorable climate, winter and summer tourism. In this way, Turkey draws the attention of tourists, property buyers, and investors from all over the world.

Natural Beauties & Rich Facilities:

Seas, unique beaches, beaches, and long walking paths on three sides, untouched forests, lakes, waterfalls, and nature are among the unique natural beauties of the country. Every year, many tourists from all over the world come to Turkey for these beauties. Hotels with affordable prices, entertainment venues, historical, cultural centers, modern restaurants are among the most popular facilities.

Economic Structure and Foreign Investment:

Following the economic developments carefully, Turkey enriches its economy every year. The state, which has adopted the principle of strengthening its economy, continues its activities with the important assistance it gives to its citizens and new investments it creates. World-renowned Turkish companies prove this growth. Today, the Turkish government, which provides many facilities in terms of citizenship, expands its investment volume by supporting foreign investors and property owners in the country.

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