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Üsküdar is one of the oldest, most historical, culturally richest, and most precious districts of Istanbul. Üsküdar is located at the southwestern end of the strait where the Anatolian side of the city meets Europe. It is in a very strategic location as location.

Üsküdar enriches its value with the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel and Marmaray line. It is among the primary choices of investors who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul. Üsküdar is one of the most expensive locations in Istanbul with its ultra-luxury real estate options overlooking the Bosphorus.

It is neighbors with Beykoz, Kadıköy, Ataşehir and Ümraniye districts. Üsküdar district promises an unforgettable experience to its visitors with its groves, viewing points, and historical monuments.

History of Üsküdar

Historically, it is a well-established settlement. Üsküdar was an active location both in the Ancient and Roman periods. Üsküdar was also an important location for Khalkedonians, who were expanding their civilization around Kadıköy. In the 7th century BC, Khalkedonians built important shipyards on the shores of Üsküdar in terms of sea trade.

In the 5th century BC, the Athenians designed a more systematic structure by building walls around their settlements in this region. It was used mostly as a military base during the Roman period. This settlement has been of great importance in terms of trade in the following years.

This region was conquered by the Turkish people in the 1350s exactly 100 years before the conquest of Istanbul. However, the comprehensive and systematic settlement of the Turkish people in the region took place again after the conquest of Istanbul.

Later, this region became one of the important centers of Istanbul within the accident structure. After the proclamation of the Republic, all the sanjaks in this region were made provinces.

However, this situation was temporary, and in 1926, the necessary legal regulations were made and Üsküdar was re-connected to Istanbul. As a result of the regulations made, Üsküdar also got district status and became one of the first districts of Istanbul.

Places to Visit in Üsküdar

Üsküdar is a district that stands out with its natural beauties and unique Bosphorus view. It is one of the primary places visited by those who visit Istanbul. Üsküdar is also home to many places to visit. Especially the Maiden’s Tower is one of the iconic symbols not only of Üsküdar but also of Istanbul.

It is one of the most visited buildings in this region. Likewise, Beylerbeyi Palace, which is considered one of the architectural masterpieces of the mighty Ottoman period, is among the important historical works of the district. Apart from all these, Çamlıca Hill, which has a unique view of almost all of Istanbul, is one of the most wonderful viewing points in the city.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Üsküdar

Üsküdar is a unique cultural blend where East and West civilizations come together with its multi- layered cultural features. Its multicultural characteristics have also helped to diversify Üsküdar’s cuisine culture. At this point, a wide range of eating and drinking venues, ranging from local flavours to world cuisine, can be easily found in Üsküdar.

The Black Sea Cuisine
Mediterranean cuisine
Ottoman Cuisine
Local Tastes
The world cuisine

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