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It is located in the South-eastern part of the city on the Asian side of Istanbul. This district is directly on the Kocaeli border and neighbors with Kartal district. It is one of Turkey’s most important regions in an economic and industrial sense. Tuzla district also stands out as the region’s shipyards in Turkey.

Its total area is around 200 square kilometers. The population of the Tuzla district is around 225 thousand according to the latest census. The altitude values of the district are on average 19 meters. Since it is a location with a coast to the sea, its altitude is low from the sea.

In addition to all these, it is located on the direct passage route of the important transportation roads connecting Istanbul to Anatolia. Therefore, the Tuzla district has strategic importance. Tuzla district is among the places to be invested in Istanbul, especially by foreign investors, with rising new real estate projects.

History of Tuzla

It was conquered by Yıldırım Beyazıt in the 1400s during the Ottoman expansion towards the Balkans. It was a popular location during the Ottoman Empire’s reign. Tuzla region was a location where Turks from the Balkans were settled during the Republic period.

Turks, who came from important Balkan cities such as Thessaloniki, Kavala, and Drama during these dates, had critical importance in increasing the dynamism in this region. In the 1950s, the Tuzla region was separated from Gebze and connected to the Kartal district.

The growth rate has also increased considerably during these dates. Tuzla region was a place where fishing and agricultural activities were the majority until the 1980s. Apart from this, Tuzla finally left Kartal in 1993 and gained the status of a district.

Places to visit in Tuzla

Since Tuzla is located in the east of the city, it has many attractions and tourist places. Viaport Marina, which is also defined as a shopping island, is one of the most visited spots by visitors.

Besides, for those who prioritize a more scientific travel experience, the Planetarium observatory allows visitors to get to know our nature and space more closely in an astronomy-oriented atmosphere. In addition to all these, ViaSea is one of the most important theme parks of the city. It is a place visited frequently by families with children.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Tuzla

Tuzla has many eating and drinking places and restaurants that appeal to different tastes thanks to its multicultural and cosmopolitan features.

The majority of Turkish people coming from the Balkans in the region due to the exchange changes in the Republic period caused the Balkan and Thrace cuisine to be dominant. Likewise, the maritime culture in the region has also developed. Therefore, seafood and fish restaurants are also very common in the region.

Seafood and Fish Restaurants
Balkans and Thrace Cuisine
Local Tastes
The Black Sea Cuisine

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