Turkish e-Government (e-Devlet) Service for Foreigners

In order for foreign nationals to benefit from e-government services in Turkey, there is a requirement to have a valid residence address. Foreign citizens can access the system via www.turkiye.gov.tr by completing the documents requested by public institutions and obtaining an e-state password from PTT branches.

There is also an English language option for citizens who do not speak Turkish in the e-state system. At the same time, foreign nationals who have opened an account before from a bank can do their transactions about the bank via the e-state system without going to PTT branches.

E-state passwords are given to foreign citizens by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Labor and Social Security, provided that they show their valid Work Permit Card with Temporary Protection Identity Card, passport, valid residence document.

Services that foreigners can benefit from in E-state

Foreigners who are registered in the Republic of Turkey and have a valid ID number starting with 99 can perform the following transactions via e-state.

  • Social security and health insurance follow-up,
  • Follow-up of working hours,
  • Criminal record inquiry and creation,
  • Court Case files inquiry,
  • Tracking of motor vehicle registration, vehicle tax, taxes, and violations,
  • Penalty Inquiry Written on Vehicle Plate,
  • Driver’s License and Criminal Inquiry Written to Persons,
  • OGS (Automatic Transition System) Transition Information Query,
  • Fast Pass System (HGS) Account Information Query,
  • Tracking of registered mobile phone lines under your name,
  • IMEI Registration for phones brought from abroad,
  • Tax debt follow-up,
  • Getting information about agricultural land,
  • Application to the Turkish Employment Agency,
  • Follow-up of university registration and student documents,
  • Making a CIMER (communication center of presidency) Application,
  • DASK Policy Inquiry,
  • Title Deed Information Inquiry,
  • Change of Address Notification,
  • Citizenship procedures.

With the Blue Card, foreign citizens who want a state password can get an identity card with a photo from the state institutions of their country, passport or driver’s license, and e-state password, along with the Blue Card. At the same time, foreign nationals can personally apply and receive their e-state passwords from the embassies or consulates they are affiliated with.

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