Things to Know about the Trial of Foreigners in Turkey

Legally, the crimes committed by foreign citizens within the borders of the Republic of Turkey are evaluated according to Turkish laws. According to the Turkish Penal Code, it is tried in Turkish courts for crimes committed within the borders of Turkey.

A crime to the detriment of Turkey, where a foreigner has committed in a different country, is committed by Turkish courts with the lower limit of at least 1-year imprisonment according to article 12/1 of Turkish laws. According to Article 13 of the Turkish Penal Code, regardless of the amount of penalty, if the crime is committed in a foreign country, whether a foreigner or a Turkish citizen, Turkish courts have the right to judge on this issue.

General rules regarding the trial of foreigners

  • Turkish courts can judge the crimes that are committed to the detriment of Turkey and require at least one year of imprisonment according to Turkish laws.
  • Regardless of the amount of the penalty, provided that some crimes are committed in a foreign country, whether committed by a foreigner, against Turkey or its citizens, the Turkish courts have the power to judge.

Expulsion of foreign citizens

As a general rule, foreigners whose prison sentences of two years or more are finalized are expelled when their sentences expire. In addition, those who make a living illegally, do not have a valid residence permit, and foreign citizens who are suspected of endangering public security may face deportation.

Crimes such as genocide, human trafficking, human trafficking, crimes against the sovereignty and dignity of the state, crimes related to torture and prohibited substance use, forgery, pollution of the environment, and prostitution are also investigated by the courts of the Republic of Turkey and foreign citizens whose sentences are expired after the verdicts are finalized.

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