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Sultangazi district is located on the European side of the city of Istanbul. It is neighbours with Eyüp, Esenler, Başakşehir and Gaziosmanpaşa districts. Sultangazi district consists of 16 neighborhoods in total. A part of the Sultangazi district, which has an average altitude of 50 meters, has the shore of Alibeyköy dam, one of the biggest dams in the city.

According to the latest census, the current population values of the Sultangazi district, which has a total area of 36 square kilometers, are at the level of 537 thousand. At this point, we can say that the population density of the district is extremely high when compared to the area values and population values.

Likewise, Sultangazi, which stands out as one of the districts of Istanbul with significant potential, also hosts many real estate portfolios for those who want to invest in Istanbul.

History of Sultangazi

Although it stands out as a newly growing district, the Sultangazi district is one of the oldest settlements in Istanbul. There is no clear information in the historical records regarding the settlement in the region. Aqueducts, which are among the only pre-Ottoman structures in the region, were used to carry water from outside the city during the Byzantine Empire.

These arches, whose traces are found today, are among the important historical artefacts of the Sultangazi district. Sultangazi district, which is located in a rich location in terms of water resources, was among the important water centers of the city during the Ottoman period.

During the Republic period, it has been within the borders of the Eyüp district for a long time. Sultangazi obtained the status of a district following the law issued by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in 2008.

Places to Visit in Sultangazi

Sultangazi is among the important districts of Istanbul with its natural beauties and social environment. At this point, it hosts many recreation areas, viewpoints, and social areas that attract the attention of visitors. This district also draws attention with its historical monuments.

Especially the viewpoints and promenade areas around Alibeyköy Dam are among the areas that draw the attention of the visitors. Likewise, Sinan the architect Urban Forest stands out with its natural beauties within the boundaries of the district.

With its woodlands and unique views, this area is one of the areas where visitors often spend time in the region. In addition to all these, the scouting camp in the Urban Forest has very enjoyable activities especially for people who want to be in touch with nature during the summer months.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Sultangazi

Sultangazi, which is an extremely cosmopolitan location, is also home to many eating and drinking venues. Especially due to its homogeneous population structure, eating and drinking places that reflect different local tastes and culinary cultures can be found easily.

Especially the kebab houses and fireside places in the region are among the most popular locations in the region. Besides, eating and drinking venues representing the Black Sea and Mediterranean cuisine are also very common in the region.

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