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It is located on the Çatalca peninsula of Istanbul and it is considered among the summer resorts in the city. Silivri district stands out with its unique population and cultural texture. It is located approximately 70 kilometers from the city center.

Silivri district is located in the southwestern part of Istanbul, with a very long coastline to the Marmara Sea due to its geographical location. Tekirdağ is located in its west and neighboring districts such as Silivri, Çerkezköy, Büyükçekmece, Çatalca, Çorlu and Marmara Ereğlisi. It is also described as Istanbul’s gateway to Tekirdağ.

Silivri district is among the largest districts of Istanbul with an area of ​​approximately 850 square kilometers. Besides, it has a population of about 137 thousand according to the latest censuses. Silivri district is among the districts of the city with the lowest population density. Silivri, which stands out especially as a summer resort, is among the primary choices of investors who want to buy a summer house in Istanbul.

History of Silivri

Silivri district, whose history goes back to ancient times, had the name Selybria in antiquity. It has been recorded as an extremely important position. It was in interaction with different civilizations due to its natural harbour. Therefore, it has a strategic position. Silivri has always been an important location in terms of transportation and trade.

Apart from this, in archaeological excavations in the region, the oldest historical traces in the district date back to 3000 BC. Silivri, which was considered more as a coastal town in the Byzantine period, maintained its importance with the influence of the roads leading to the Balkans during the Ottoman period.

It is one of the locations that earned the district status early in Istanbul. Silivri is still among the most important holiday destinations of Istanbul as a quiet residential area today.

Places to Visit in Silivri

Silivri enchants its visitors with its natural environment and its vast coastline. With the effect of being a summer resort, its touristic potential is extremely high. Silivri district becomes one of the important attractions of the city, especially after May.

At this point, Mimar Sinan Bridge, one of the important historical monuments in the region, stands out among the places that those who plan to visit the district should definitely see in the district. Apart from this, areas such as the Grand Vizier Piri Mehmet Pasha Mosque are among the historical buildings that attract the attention of visitors to the district.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Silivri

When it comes to eating and drinking places in Silivri, many restaurant options come to mind. Especially since it is located in the direction of Tekirdağ, Tekirdağ meatball makers are very famous in Silivri.

At the same time, Silivri, which is also described as the gateway of Istanbul to Thrace, has a touch of Thracian cuisine. Olive oil dishes, rakı, and appetizer culture, which are the favourites of the visitors, draw great attention, especially in the summer months.

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