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It is one of the most authentic and tranquil settlements in the northern parts of Istanbul. Şile has a large coastline extending to the Black Sea in the upper part of the Anatolian side of the city. It is located directly on the western border of Kocaeli province.

Şile is also neighbours to Kandıra, Derince, Körfez from Kocaeli, and Pendik, Gebze, Çekmeköy and Beykoz from Istanbul. Its area is around 755 square kilometers. Şile is the third biggest district of Istanbul after Çatalca and Silivri. Altitude values ​​are at the level of 126 meters.

A large part of Şile’s surface area is covered by forest areas and agricultural areas. At this point, we can say that Şile district is in a position intertwined with nature. As for the climate characteristics, the Black Sea and Mediterranean climates are seen together.

Having unique features, Şile also has a very high touristic potential. At this point, Şile welcomes tourists with its sea and cultural texture, especially in the summer months from all quarters of Turkey and Istanbul.

History of Şile

Şile district is a well-established district in both ancient and cultural terms. Archaeological excavations show that the first settlement in this region was established during the Neolithic Age. During the excavations, traces of many settlements were found in this region, and findings proving active social life were also reported.

Especially, findings are showing that a significant population lived in the region between the 12th and 6th millennium BC. It is known that the Şile region was invaded twice in Antique Age. The first of these is the invasion of the Persians who settled in the region during the war between the Greeks and Persians.

The second is an invasion by a Roman commander. After the Seljuks entered Anatolia, they advanced towards the western parts of Anatolia and took over these regions. Afterward, the region was again captured by the 1st Crusaders, but the Ottoman Empire captured the region again in the early 1300s.

After that, the district of Şile, which was in the hands of the Turks for more than 500 years until the 1st World War, was rescued from the occupying forces during the War of Independence. Afterward, with the establishment of the Republic, Şile, which was one of the first municipalities in Istanbul, has officially obtained the status of a district with the decision made in the 1960s.

Places to visit in Şile

Şile is one of the prominent districts of Istanbul with its endless beaches and natural beauties. At this point, Şile district is among the most authentic and touristic districts of Istanbul. Areas such as Değirmençayı Waterfall and Hacilli Waterfall are among the attractions that draw the most attention of visitors.

In addition to these, the Onbingöller Valley, located within the boundaries of the district, is one of the important locations in Istanbul that stands out with its natural beauty. Likewise, for people who attach importance to cultural activities, there is also the Şile Cloth Festival organized in the summer months within the boundaries of the district.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Şile

Şile is a very quiet location compared to the rest of Istanbul. Although the population density is low, the density of tourists coming from outside is quite high. In this context, restaurant businesses for the tastes of tourists are quite common. Among the Şile restaurants, which stand out with the Black Sea cuisine, fish restaurants, and seafood products, some facilities serve open buffet breakfast in touch with nature.

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