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It has a very impressive location on the European side of the city, on the shores of the Bosphorus. Sarıyer district; It is neighbours with Beşiktaş, Kağıthane and Eyüpsultan districts. There are different rumours about the origins of the name Sarıyer.

However, the most common of these is the rumour that the name of the district came from the yellow soldiers who were in the union of Mehmet the conqueror. According to this rumour, the area where Mehmet the conqueror’s yellow soldiers were buried began to be known as “yellow soldiers” in time. Over time, this discourse evolved as “Sarıyer”.

Sarıyer, which is located in the northeast of the European side, is also among the largest districts in terms of area. At this point, the approximate area of ​​Sarıyer has been measured as 117 square kilometers. According to the latest census conducted in the region, the population of Sarıyer is around 337 thousand. Compared to the width of the region, the population density of Sarıyer is extremely low.

Apart from all these, the Sarıyer district stands out as one of the most aesthetic settlements of Istanbul, modern, integrated with nature. The fact that it is directly adjacent to the Bosphorus and has a very long coastline increases the interest in Sarıyer. In this context, there are different real estate types and investment opportunities in Sarıyer. As these property types are generally categorized as sea view Istanbul properties, they are in the ultra-luxury segment.

History of Sarıyer

Sarıyer district is a developed location in parallel with the settlement of Istanbul within the city wall with its unique location. Especially in the Eastern Roman period, it is a very active location both economically and socially. Sarıyer has coastal towns inhabited by the Byzantines.

In these coastal towns, there are generally ports, churches, and bazaars where people can meet their daily needs. The first Ottoman rule in the region took place shortly before the conquest of Istanbul. Known as the Ottoman Chief Admiral of the period, Baltaoğlu Mr. Süleyman settled in the Baltalimanı neighborhood, which would later be called his name, strengthening the Turkish presence there.

It is known that many mansions and mansions overlooking the Bosphorus were erected in Sarıyer between the 17th and 18th centuries. The development work carried out in the region at that time increased the value of Sarıyer significantly. This has made the area one of Istanbul’s most precious districts over time.

When it comes to the Republic period, we can say that the settlement in the region is mostly villages. Sarıyer, which was upgraded to district status following the law enacted in the 1930s, is among the most precious districts of Istanbul today.

Places to Visit in Sarıyer

Sarıyer has many destinations to visit with its natural beauties and cultural texture. In this context, one of the priority stopping points for visitors who want to experience natural beauties is Emirgan Grove. The grove, which has a panoramic view of the Bosphorus, draws the attention of visitors with its lush variety of trees and its unique view.

Apart from this, another natural beauty in the region is the Kömürcü embankment. This dam, which is located in a natural environment with a lake view and a forest area, was built by the Ottoman in the 1600s.

Another important area that should definitely be visited in the district is Garipçe Village. This destination, which is a quiet seaside village of its own, awaits its guests with its charming houses and friendly residents.

Food & Beverage Places & Restaurants in Sarıyer

Standing out with its seafood products and fish restaurants, Sarıyer also hosts different local delicacies due to its multicultural structure. Luxury dining venues that focus on gourmet culture, especially Anatolian food and kebab culture can be found easily.

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