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Real estate sales are considered one of the most basic services throughout the real estate industry. The sale of real estate is a value equivalent to the market conditions of the property, which is generally described as immovable and is defined as the transaction of transfer of the title deed document. Real estate sales in Turkey in 2020 when the statistics are considered, we can say that it has a relatively large share of the country's economy and real estate services. At this point, as Partners Global Property, we also focus on customer experience in the field of real estate sales and serve with an approach that emphasizes expertise. We have an understanding that prioritizes creating value for our customers and business partners. We manage the marketing operations of luxury portfolios in locations such as Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum, integrated with our strategic investment consultancy perspective and advanced valuation analysis.

Real Estate Valuation Analysis in Real Estate Sales 

As Partners Global Property, one of the most important features that distinguish us from our competitors is our efficient use of advanced analysis and reporting tools. In this context, we operate with a service understanding where we evaluate all parameters in a mathematical and environmental context, with the right pricing strategy and reasonable commission rates, where customers can invest comfortably. Similarly, in the framework of our moral responsibility to our customers who want to invest in property in Turkey we have been able to offer a comprehensive real estate valuation analysis of the most accurate rates. Thus, our customers in Turkey real estate sales and more objective about the real estate ecosystem, based on their investment by obtaining accurate information and data more strategically in the direction they give.

Why is the Correct Valuation Important in Real estate Sales? 

In particular, real estate valuation for foreign customers who will be invested in real estate in Turkey is helping to identify the potential range of prices per square meter and property investments to be made. The data obtained as a result of the analysis based on more than one parameter such as the population, socioeconomic level, development level and demographic characteristics of the region are interpreted. The insights gained through the interpretation of our real estate experts and lawyers enable the real estate investor to determine the potential value of his property. In this way, with no foreign investor confidence about the ecosystem in Turkey, you can perform with the investment objective and consistent prices.

Comprehensive Real Estate Sales Consultancy 

As Partners Global Property, it is one of our top priorities to communicate with our customers correctly in sales service processes. At this point, we take care to determine the needs of our customers most clearly in line with our comprehensive real estate sales consultancy service. In line with the budget ranges of our customers, we carry out a systematic study to find the right portfolio that suits their lifestyles and expectations. We help our customers to make an investment that can provide high profitability and return from our portfolios, which are classified as an ultra-luxury segment in many locations, especially in Istanbul, Izmir and Bodrum.

High Investment Return 

Buying property is vital as well as an economic move for customers. Factors such as what kind of value increases the purchased real estate will be exposed to over time is some of the most important criteria determining the quality of the investment. Therefore, the purchase to be carried out must not only meet the vital and social needs but also have economically satisfactory returns.

When the real estate investment is set up correctly, it stands out as a highly profitable investment strategy. At this point, we serve our customers with a model that provides a high return on investment, where they can make a profit from their investments by offering portfolios in areas where the increase in value is fast. In addition to all these, lease-guaranteed options are also among the real estate investment strategies that appeal to capital owners who do not have a priority to generate passive income from their real estate.

Portfolio Diversity 

The most important point for a qualified investment is to find the right portfolio. At this point, we offer various alternatives with our luxury portfolios, especially in locations such as Izmir, Istanbul and Bodrum. For our customers who have priority investment in real estate, there are rental-guaranteed portfolios that offer high investment returns, as well as options such as 2 + 1 house or 3 + 1 apartment for those who have priority to settle with their family. Among the portfolios, which include options that appeal to different budget ranges, some options stand out with their various vital features in different locations.

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