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Residence Permit Consultancy

Foreigners who want to reside temporarily or permanently must have a residence permit by following certain procedures. The residence permit is a legal opportunity needed to take advantage of the social states opportunities and to live in Turkey. It is mandatory to work, study and live within a certain period of time in Turkey. You can acquire a residence permit after certain legal procedures have been followed. At this point, as Partners Global Property, we provide qualified residence permit consultancy and meet their needs meticulously with our expert team to clients who want to get residence permits.

Residence Permit Types 

There are different kinds of residence permit types offering privileges and facilities for foreigners who want to get a residence permit in Turkey. People who will live temporarily in Turkey, students who want to work and people who are in the country for tourism purposes, should apply for residence permits offering a variety of possibilities. The most common type of residence permit required of foreigners in Turkey can be listed under the followings;

Family Residence Permit 

It is the residence permit preferred by people who will come with their family for a long time to Turkey. It is also preferred by asylum applicants, so it stands out as a type that is also used in political situations. At this point, the family residence permit can include the spouse and children of the applicant within the scope of the opportunities provided by the permit.

Student Residence Permit 

A student residence permit is a type of residence permit needed by foreigners who are within the borders of Turkey, especially for educational activities. Therefore, foreigners who want to receive long-term education in universities, higher education institutions and formal education institutions should apply. People who are under the age of 18 who continue their education at primary and secondary education level with family residence permits do not need to obtain a student residence permit.

Long-term Residence Permit 

The long-term residence permit is given to the people who fulfil the conditions laid down by the İmmigration authority and it is given to foreigners who stay in Turkey for at least 8 years. The long- term residence permit can also be obtained by the Governorship units with the approval given by the Immigration Authority under the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A long-term residence permit can also be obtained by refugee, conditional refugee or humanitarian residence permit holders with subsidiary protection status.

Short-term Residence Permit 

The most frequently needed residence permit is a short-term residence permit issued for certain periods of time. In general, it is a type of permit required by foreigners who come to acquire citizenship through investment within the program application period. Until the citizenship application is processed by the Population Directorate, it is preferred for that the legality of the applicants activities within the borders of the country. In addition to all these, short-term residence permits are also taken within the scope of commercial and industrial activities, short-term seminars, training programs, treatment trips, and tourism-oriented visits. Foreigners who plan to take advantage of services such as purchasing real estate in Turkey is the type of residence that should apply.

Residence Permit Application Process 

Residence permit application processes and conditions vary according to the type of permit to be preferred. As Partners Global Property, we will talk about the details of the short-term residence permit application, as we offer services such as investment and citizenship program consultancy. Residence Permit Applications are generally made in the immigration authority in the province where the person is located. Since there are documents and some legal obligations, the applicants residence permit consultancy will help speed up the process and result in a positive result. 

Besides, documents that give detailed information about the reason for obtaining a residence permit of the applicant must be submitted to the relevant institutions. At this point, writing official petitions detailing the justifications mentioned during the application process will help speed up the process. Likewise, the applicant must submit documents showing that the applicant has accommodation conditions following the general health and safety conditions.

In addition to all these, documents such as the criminal record certificate bearing the seal of the official institutions in the applicants country must be delivered to the legal authorities if needed. It is very important to submit such documents properly to approve the residence permit application.

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