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Property Valuation Service 

Property and real estate valuation services are critical factor for investors in strategic real estate investment processes. In short, it is the process of determining the financial value of the real estate by considering the physical and location features. real estate companies in Turkey, real estate and consulting firm that provides real estate appraisal and valuation services provided by formality is provided based on the implementation of the many procedures. At this point, it is possible to mention many parameters such as the location of the real estate to be appraised, whether it is within the framework of urban transformation, annual square meter price increase statistics. This report, also known as the real estate appraisal report and prepared as an average of 10 pages, has a guiding and trustworthy effect for investors. As Partners Global Property, we also provide real estate valuation support to strategically structure your investment processes and make a reliable real estate purchase.

Why are Real estate and Property Valuation Important? 

Real estate and property valuation help to determine that the price given by the real estate firm for the property planned to be purchased is fair and reliable. Real estate investment is a very costly process compared to many types of financial investments. At this point, the high commission rates applied by some real estate companies can seriously affect real estate prices. The investor who plans to purchase real estate should also benefit from real estate valuation services to determine the high commission and unbalanced property prices. At this point, as Partners Global Property, we also provide services within the scope of real estate valuation to provide a safe investment environment to our customers in real estate pricing and bidding processes.

Especially, Istanbul real estate valuation provides very guiding data, considering the sharp transitions between the districts of Istanbul and the extreme price difference. In fact, apart from the difference between districts, the square meter price differences between the districts of Istanbul are also a confusing factor for the buyer. Consistent reporting of some pricing policies that seem unreasonable to our foreign customers and sharp price differences between close locations is possible with the real estate valuation service.

What does the Property Valuation Service Protect the Investor From?

The property valuation service protects the investor from unfair pricing and excessive commission payments.

In real estate purchasing processes, it protects the real estate planned to be purchased from higher prices and it protects from the high commission rates applied by unprofessional illegal real estate agents on their own initiative.

It protects the purchased real estate from leasing at a lower price than its value and also protects the planned property from being sold at a price lower than its value.

How is Real estate Valuation Service Provided? 

As mentioned above, real estate valuation programs; are formal services optimized by professionals focused on different disciplines, such as consultants, experts and lawyers. At this point, based on the data of foreign investors in Turkey who need property valuation services, including statistics and insights, they must communicate with the router or authorized agencies for valuation services expertise to receive a report. As Partners Global Property, we also operate in the field of real estate valuation with our expert team and lawyers. In this way, our customers do not need different companies for valuation in their real estate purchasing processes, so they avoid extra costs.

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