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Purchasing Process Consultancy & After-sales Support Service 

Purchase process consultancy and after-sales support are consultancy services that allow the investor to be assisted for the fulfilment of all paperwork and official obligations during the real estate sale. In this context, there are much formal and legal procedure is to terminate the procurement process to buy real estate for foreign investors planning to invest in Turkey. Especially foreign investors who plan to get Turkish citizenship with real estate investors need legal expertise to organize their after-sales paperwork. At this point, as Partners Global Property, we also undertake the real estate purchase and citizenship application processes of our customers and provide qualified consultancy support to complete all necessary procedures with our expert after-sales support team.

After-sales Support & Services 

After-sales support is a very important consultancy service, especially for the foreign investors real estate purchase process. Buying property in Turkey procurement procedures is different from many countries. For this, paperwork such as title deeds can be challenging for foreign customers. To facilitate the client’s investment processes have provided the real estate consultancy firm in Turkey after-sales support is important for investors. Especially for those who plan to purchase real estate for investment purposes, services such as after-sales property management, leasing and management are also needed. We can list the prominent services within the scope of after-sales support in more detail under the following headings:

Paperwork & Process Management 

Services such as organizing collection processes for investors, supporting paperwork such as title deed registration, and assisting citizenship application processes with real estate purchase come to the fore within the scope of after-sales support. It is especially difficult in areas such as land registration and the collection of foreign investors in Turkey. Our after-sales support service provided by our company helps to end the sales process much faster and more effectively.

Title Deed Application 

When the real estate purchase process is terminated, it is necessary to document this through a notary. The title deed application, which is seen as the official document of ownership of the property, must be applied. Deed application procedures are generally made with the support of a lawyer to regional notaries. The title deed is also important in terms of activating the electricity and water networks in the property, the sale of which is completed. Deed applications are generally concluded within 1-2 days and delivered to the new owners of the property.

Rental Services

 Rent-guaranteed real estate is one of the most frequently preferred purchasing types by customers, especially people who purchase real estate for investment purposes. Rental guaranteed real estate is an alternative that requires extra effort in management and organization. Apart from this, renting models that will provide the investor with the fastest return on an investment after the purchase should be developed. We also benefit from our after-sales services to prepare the necessary infrastructure for the investor to lease the purchased real estate. It is aimed to assist the investor to reduce the workload such as renting properties at optimum pricing, organizing paperwork in the leasing processes and collecting rents within the framework of our related services.

Property Management 

Another important service is property management within the scope of after-sales consultancy. We also benefit from our investment consultancy solutions to evaluate properties collectively, especially in large-scale purchases. Models such as renting and operating can be preferred to manage the purchased properties in the most strategic way. The appropriate model is determined and the necessary consultancy is provided to the foreign investors within the scope of the real estate management service. Having a comprehensive real estate consultancy and strategic investment schedule, our investors are brought together with management models that can achieve high profitability in the short term.

After Sales Legal Support 

The existence of qualified legal support is required in official business such as residence permit application or investment and citizenship application at the investment stage for foreigners. It is aimed to rapidly advance the application processes with the most qualified legal support in after- sales processes with expert lawyers focused on specific areas. At this point, we have lawyers who provide solutions for both citizenship applications and other purchasing paperwork. We help you to advance all your processes following the legal basis and procedures.

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