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Project Tours 

When you find the right location and property investment projects in Turkey is a very challenging process for investors. At this point, tours are organized where customers can visit relevant areas to evaluate projects with different features and price options. Customers can experience the opportunities offered by the residences in the projects, the living spaces and the environmental features of the projects thanks to these tours. In this way, the customer can strategically direct his investment by having the chance to evaluate the project from many aspects during the investment planning process.

Why are Project Tours Important in the Real Estate Investment Process? 

In real estate investment processes, project tours are very important activities for customers to choose the right portfolios for themselves. Since customers generally have different needs and priorities in their investment processes, extensive research should be conducted to direct the investment. Within the scope of the research, together with the economic parameters such as property valuation and the increase in the value of the region, one of the processes that affect the customer’s real estate purchase decision the most is the project trips.

The investor has the chance to experience the physical environment presented by the portfolio thanks to the project trips. Regardless of the type of portfolio to be purchased, the investor experiences all the physical and environmental features of the portfolio in the field. It evaluates the social opportunities offered by the project within the atmosphere of the project. In this way, it is determined to what extent the real estate to be invested is compatible with the lifestyle and expectations of the investor. Therefore, the investor who plans to purchase real estate makes his decision by considering the physical environment of the real estate during the decision-making process.

VIP Airport Welcoming Services 

Most of the portfolio of investors planning to invest in Turkey property in the digital environment, in general, is investigating on their websites or social media channels. Thus, the customer before arriving in Turkey has set themselves the appropriate options. The most important step for the customer when planning the real estate investment process is project tours. At this point, as Partners Global Property, we support our project tours for our customers from abroad with our VIP Airport welcome service following their travel programs. This way, our customers are taking their time from the airport took their first steps to Turkey and the projects they are interested in creating plans, we help them to easily ride tours.

Wide Range of Portfolio and Tour Plans 

As Partners Global Property, while we are planning our project tours with our customers, we create plans according to the projects they are interested in and the locations of the projects. We also organize the eligibility status of the sample apartments in the relevant projects and configure the tour plans. Tour plans are very important for customers to visit the areas in the portfolios they are interested in most efficiently and correctly. Besides, organized tour plans help customers to recognize the project more easily in projects where more than one apartment sample and extensive social areas take place. Considering the wide portfolio range of Partners Global Property, we can say that the tour plans created by customizing them according to the needs of the investor are very important in terms of time efficiency.

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