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It is located width the east of Istanbul. Pendik is in a cute location that stands out with its unique cultural texture. It is one of the important settlements of the city. It is geographically located in Kocaeli peninsula and Pendik district is between Tuzla, Gebze, Şile, Çekmeköy, Kartal, Sancaktepe and Sultanbeyli districts.

Its average area is 278 square kilometers. Pendik district is among the largest districts on the Anatolian side. Besides, according to the latest population census, the approximate population of the district is around 726 thousand. At this point, the district is one of the most populous districts not only on the Anatolian side but also of all of Istanbul.

In the past 20 years, it has undergone a very comprehensive development process with the effect of urban transformation. At this point, Pendik is one of the most strategic locations to make real estate investments in Istanbul.

History of Pendik

According to historical records, it is thought that the oldest settlement in the Pendik district belonged to Macedonians until very recently. However, in the findings obtained as a result of the latest excavations, traces of 3 thousand to 4 thousand years old settlements were found.

Apart from this, important traces of Roman and Byzantine rule have been found in the region. It is known that the presence of the Latins, who invaded Istanbul in the 1000s, extended to the Pendik region. The Seljuks, who entered Anatolia after the 1070s, had a short-term rule in this region. Afterward, the Pendik region, which came under Ottoman rule in the 1300s, continued to exist as a fishing village for a long time.

Towards the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the settlement in the Pendik region grew considerably, but after a huge fire, the entire settlement here burned to ashes. Afterward, architects were sent to the region and it was aimed to plan the resettlement.

During the Ottoman period, Gebze was a village connected to the sanjaks, but it was transferred to the Kartal sanjaks, and in the Republic period it was administered as a town for a long time. Pendik, which finally gained the status of district in 1987, continues its existence today as one of the most precious districts of Istanbul.

Places to Visit in Pendik

Pendik is a location that draws the attention of visitors with its natural beauties, social areas, and cultural texture. In this context, there are many activities and places to visit in the district for tourists visiting Pendik.

We can say that Pendik district, which hosts large social facilities and shopping centers such as Viaport and Pendik Marina, has a very active social life. In addition to all these, there are mound remains to belong to prehistoric times within the borders of Pendik, which has a very long history in historical terms.

Food & Beverage and Restaurants in Pendik

There are many shopping centers such as Marina, MarinTürk AVM. Pendik stands out with its diversity of food and beverage venues. In the district, where there are restaurant options from different culinary cultures, there are a wide variety of restaurants from world cuisine to local delicacies, from gourmet culture to a steakhouse and line meat options.

Apart from this, in Pendik, where coffee culture is widespread, both 3rd generation coffee houses and places to drink Turkish coffee can be found easily.

Third Generation Coffee Houses
The World Cuisine
Local Tastes
Steakhouse & Row Meat Venues
Gourmet Culture

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