Pakistani Foreigners Can Easily Become Turkish Citizens

Turkish citizenship is a highly sought-after profitable option for Pakistani citizens who share common historical and cultural values ​​with Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship Application for Foreigners of Pakistani Nationality

Turkish citizenship applications are very easy for Pakistani nationals. The common historical and cultural values ​​between Pakistan and Turkey have provided warm relations for many years.

There are many alternatives to naturalization in Turkey such as birth or adoption, the Turquoise System, marriage, financial investment, and real estate purchase. The most common choice among Pakistani citizens is financial and real estate investment.

You can acquire Turkish citizenship by financial investment, employment, or real estate purchase method; you can profit from your investment and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in Turkey.

Advantages of Obtaining Turkish Citizenship for Pakistani Citizens

  • You do not have to be in Turkey during the citizenship process,
  • There is no obligation to live permanently in Turkey (you can live abroad as a Turkish citizen),
  • Free health support and education opportunities (including state universities in the country),
  • Pension funds are supported by the state,
  • For Turks, establishing a business or buying property is easier and faster,
  • Citizenship right is also granted to children under the age of 18 and spouses,
  • Opportunity to travel to more than 110 countries without a visa.

You can purchase real estate with a minimum value of 250,000 USD, provided that it does not sell for at least 3 years within the borders of Turkey. In this way, it is possible to become a Turkish citizen in just a few months.

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