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It is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and is one of the largest districts of this region. Maltepe is neighbours with Kadıköy, Kartal, Sancaktepe and Ataşehir districts. It is one of the biggest districts of Istanbul in terms of population. Maltepe’s population is mostly settled in urban areas.

Its area is approximately 278 square kilometres. According to the latest census of Maltepe district, population values are around 500 thousand. Since it is a large location in terms of area, we can say that the population density is distributed in a balanced way. It is also a very important location in terms of investment potential.

The new luxury real estate projects in the Maltepe district, which have been rising in recent years, especially draw the attention of foreign investors.

History of Maltepe

Historically, it occupies a fairly well-established position. Maltepe is a very active location, especially during the Byzantine Empire. It is also located very close to important works such as Bryas Palace, which is important for Byzantium.

Beyond being a small coastal town at that time, Maltepe also hosted many monasteries. It was one of the important Byzantine settlements around the coastal town of Constantinople, especially the Byzantine capital. In the following periods, Maltepe is one of the last stops of the Seljuk’s advancing westward after entering Anatolia.

Hammer, an important Byzantine historian, wrote that before the Ottoman Empire was established, the raiders of the Seljuks raided and captured the regions in the Kocaeli peninsula. In the Ottoman period, the sovereignty of the principality extended to this region during the Orhan Ghazi period.

After the conquest in 1453, the Ottoman rule in Maltepe increased, so the settlement of Turks in this region gained speed. In the first years of the Republic period, some of the Turks who came from the Balkans by way of exchange were settled in this region. With the increase in the population of the region, Maltepe municipality was established in 1928. The development speed of the district has increased significantly, especially after the opening of E5 after 1960.

Places to Visit in Maltepe

As Maltepe is a densely populated location, it stands out with its social life and entertainment areas. At this point, shopping centers such as Hilton Shopping Mall and Maltepe Park within the boundaries of the district are areas where social life is especially active. Besides, it has one of the most beautiful coastlines of Istanbul.

Maltepe district is also known for its beautiful coastline, especially for morning jogging. Likewise, there are also culturally important excavation sites such as Archeopark for people who are interested in archaeology.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Maltepe

Maltepe, with its dense population and multi-layered cultural structure, is a location that has a very wide cuisine culture. In this context, areas such as restaurants, restaurants, and cafes suitable for every taste can be found within the boundaries of the district.

Apart from all these, Anatolian cuisine and home cooking restaurants are among the most preferred eating and drinking places in the region. Likewise, there are special restaurants in the district that are especially suitable for gourmet tastes.

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Kebab Houses and Eastern Anatolian Cuisine
Anatolian Cuisine & Home Cooking
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