Lesser-Known Advantages of Being a Student in Turkey

Stores, GSM operators, or businesses located all over the country offer discounts to students. All secondary school students can benefit from these discounts, whether it is an electronic device store, a museum, or historical touristic places.

In fact, starting from this year (2021), many institutions, especially Turkish Airlines, started to offer discounted tickets to students. You can go to the nearest application center and apply with your student certificate, one passport size photo, ID, or passport to benefit from discounted transportation cards.

The museum card is given to students over the age of 18 studying in secondary education institutions in Turkey for 30 TL, counting the foreign students. You can visit more than 300 museums and ceremonial sites unlimitedly for one year with the Museum Card.

An e-mail address with the extension edu.tr is provided to all students studying at universities in Turkey so that they can be used in academic correspondence. You can sign up and access many services at very reasonable rates with these e-mail addresses.

There are 207 universities in Turkey with a population of 82 million. The number of students is close to 8 million. With this number of students, Turkey is the first country with the highest number of students in the European Higher Education Area. It hosts nearly 60,000 different programs in 207 universities.

Turkey is almost a cultural mosaic! In this country that has hosted countless civilizations, everyone is tolerant and respectful to each other. Turkey, where you can find a piece of your own roots and maybe meet people who speak your language, is ideal for students with its safe and peaceful environment.

Turkey is a student-friendly country with at least one university in every city! Social clubs, sports teams, and cultural events in every university bring students together; it brings distant geographies closer.

When you come to Turkey, you will realize that the liveliest spots of the city are the places where students socialize! Cities are alive 24 hours a day thanks to the cafes, restaurants, and libraries where students hang out.

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