Legal Advice Services ASk a REal estate Lawyer

There are important legal obligations to establish a legal basis in real estate purchasing processes, especially for foreign customer. However, these legal obligations are not stressful and scary processes. On the contrary, they are processes that are coordinated quite easily with an expert team. We produce fast and effective solutions with our expert lawyer staff for legal services needed especially within the scope of issues such as Turkish citizenship application, title registration and residence permit.

Turkish Citizenship Application by Investment 

Legal support is very necessary for people who will apply for Turkish citizenship with real estate investment. In general, the investment and citizenship application processes proceed entirely on a legal basis. The primary condition for the application process to start is the purchase of immovable property worth 250,000 USD. The purchase must be completed. Later, the title deed registration procedures should be successfully finalized. Afterwards, legal processes for citizenship application are initiated by expert lawyers. All legal processes such as obtaining a tax number, transferring power of attorney, opening a bank account proceed with the support and initiative of the lawyer. Since all legal steps within the process are taken systematically and within the framework of expert opinion, the process cant be interrupted, except in extreme cases.

Residence Permit Application 

Another process that needs to be progressed legally is the residence permit application. A residence permit is a legal permit. A permit is needed by foreigners in Turkey. The process proceeds differently than the Turkish citizenship application. However, it still needs to be progressed on a legal basis. At this point, our expert lawyers take on all the necessary paperwork and apply it to the relevant authorities. Likewise, a lawyer’s support is needed to advance processes such as extending the duration of residence permits. As there are different types of residence permits, you can contact Partners Global Property to determine the type of permit that best suits your needs.

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