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It is a neighboring district with Maltepe, Sancaktepe, Sultanbeyli, and Pendik districts on the Asian side of Istanbul. According to the latest census, its approximate population is around 470 thousand. The surface area of Kartal district is at the level of 278 square kilometers.

Kartal, which is one of the popular locations on the Anatolian side, is among the primary choices of foreign investors, especially people who come to Istanbul recently. In particular, real estate opportunities and newly rising quality real estate projects in the region attract the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

Therefore, the amount of investment coming to the region is increasing regularly. Considering its socio- economic structure and transportation potential, it would not be wrong to say that the real estate value of Kartal district will increase even more in the coming years.

History of Kartal

When the historical past of the Kartal region is examined, we can say that the development in the region accelerated from the 6th century. It has been confirmed that the artefacts unearthed in archaeological excavations in areas such as Samandra and Yakacık mostly belong to the Byzantine period.

Besides, within the framework of the agreement made by the Seljuk State with Byzantium in the 1080s, Dragos Stream within the borders of Kartal was determined as the border. In this context, we can say that Kartal had strategic importance for both Byzantine and Seljuk civilizations before the Ottomans.

In the 1400s, it joined the Ottoman lands. Since this date, Kartal’s administrative structure and Sancak, to which it is affiliated, are constantly changing. While the Islands were a town connected to Izmit and Üsküdar regions, Kartal was declared a municipality in 1871 within the scope of the Provincial Regulations and had its own administrative structure. Kartal, which is a well- established campus, stands out as a central location in the Republican era.

After 1947, with the growth of industrial settlements in the region, Kartal became a growing place in terms of population. Kartal, which reached its present borders with the connection of some towns in the surrounding districts in 2009, is still among the most popular districts of Istanbul today.

Places to visit in Kartal

Kartal is among the prominent districts of the Anatolian side, both with its cultural texture and social life. In this context, there are many places that those who plan to visit Kartal in the near future can visit in order to have a pleasant time in the district. In addition, there are facilities such as the Fairy Tale Museum, which can be visited for cultural and artistic activities in the district. Likewise, Dragos Hill, which has a unique sea view, is among the most visited attractions in the district.

Food & Beverage places and restaurants in Kartal

Since Kartal has a multicultural social structure, we can say that the restaurants in the region also represent different culinary cultures. Especially seafood and fish restaurants are predominant near the coastal area. Apart from all these, fast food chains and street food come to the fore in the region.

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