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It is located on the European side of Istanbul. It is neighbours with Kağıthane district, Sarıyer, Şişli, Beyoğlu, Eyüp and Beşiktaş districts. It has a rugged terrain. Although the Kagithane district is geographically composed of landforms such as streams and valleys, it has an extremely systematic settlement order.

It is an important location especially for newly rising important real estate projects in Istanbul. Kağıthane district is among the locations where foreign investors show great interest. Apart from that, it is also in a convenient location in terms of transportation. This increases the interest in the district indirectly.

Its total area is about 23 square kilometres. According to the latest census, the population values of the Kağıthane district are around 442 thousand. At this point, we can say that the population density of the district is high.

History of Kağıthane

Although there is extremely important information about the history of Kağıthane, this information generally focuses on the economic potential of the district in the Ottoman period. As the name suggests, the Kağıthane district takes this title from the paper mill opened in the region after the entrance of the Ottoman printing house.

In addition to this, it is known that there are industrial facilities such as flour mills and gunpowder shops in the region apart from the paper mill. Likewise, because the Kağıthane region is home to a stream that flows into the Golden Horn, it has always drawn the attention of the elite in the Ottoman Empire.

According to historical records, it is known that 28 Mehmet Çelebi Effendi built many mansions for the sultans and viziers on the banks of the Kağıthane stream according to the zoning plans and architectural drawings he brought from Paris.

It is known that in the first years of the Republic, mostly rural settlements were dominant in the region. With the immigration wave that came after 1955, the region started to urbanize and after 1963, the administrative structure in the region was determined. Kağıthane left Şişli in 1987 and obtained the status of a district.

Places to Visit in Kağıthane

It is home to many historical artefacts, especially as regards the mansions and architectural structures built during the Ottoman period. Kağıthane district is a location with an extremely high touristic potential. In this context, there are many areas that tourists visiting the district should definitely visit and see.

Sadabat Mosque, the first mosque built in the region, is one of the most original Ottoman structures in Istanbul with its extraordinary architecture. Besides, Sapphire shopping centre is one of the most visited locations in Kağıthane, which has a lively social life.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Kağıthane

Kağıthane have a homogenous population structure is a district inhabited by people from all around the Turkey. At this point, the eating and drinking venues in Kağıthane have evolved in a cosmopolitan and multicultural manner.

Kebab restaurants are among the most popular places, especially with their dishes that highlight Eastern Anatolian cuisine. Apart from this, fast food chains are also very common due to the density of the shopping centres in the region.

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