How to Get Citizenship in Turkey?

The question of how to get Turkish citizenship is one of the questions that foreign nationals living in Turkey are trying to answer.

Turkish Citizenship is acquired as a result of the application made by the foreigners themselves or their legal representatives to the provincial Population Directorates of the province where they reside, who have completed their legal life in Turkey or who have fulfilled the exceptional conditions, following the approval of the application by the competent authorities of the State and the Commission.

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According to the amendment of the Turkish citizenship law dated 19.09.2018, foreigners who buy homes from Turkey for 250 thousand dollars will be able to receive Turkish citizenship rights with their families, this amount was previously determined as 1 million dollars. Thus, foreigners can now have the right to Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate with an investment of 250 thousand dollars.

Requirements for Turkish Citizenship:

  • The applicant must be of age according to the laws of the country of citizenship, and if she/he is stateless, she/he must be 18 years old according to the Turkish Civil Code.
  • The person must know right from wrong.
  • Before applying, he/she has to live legally in Turkey for at least 5 years without interruption. (Short-term residence permits obtained for tourism purposes are not taken into account in citizenship applications.)
  • She/He must show that she/he has decided to settle in Turkey by her/his behavior. (Buying real estate, opening a business and employing Turkish citizens, etc.)
  • It should not have a dangerous disease that threatens public health.
  • Must have good morals and obey rules of good manners.
  • She/He must know and speak a sufficient amount of Turkish.
  • There should be no threat to national security and public order.
  • To have enough income to stay in Turkey.

Applications for Turkish citizenship should be made by careful and expert consultants and the process should be followed carefully. As Partners Global Property, we make your citizenship applications through our expert immigration consultants and lawyers and make you a Turkish citizen. Contact us to benefit from our expert consultancy and application services.

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