How Foreign Citizens get Hes Code?

Due to the Kovid-19 virus, many changes have occurred that affect our social life. One of these is the HES code system developed by the Ministry of Health, which is used to monitor the contact and risk status of people.

It has been made mandatory to specify the HES code when entering public institutions and organizations in Turkey, in urban transportation and when purchasing plane, train, and bus tickets.

How and Where to buy HES code?

The HES code can be obtained free of charge via e-Devlet, SMS, or the “Hayat Eve Sığar” application, which you can download for free from the application store of your smartphone. It is free to get the HES code. Without your HES code, you cannot buy a ticket of plane, train, and bus, or enter public buildings.

Getting HES Code via SMS

You can get your special code by typing HES in the message part of your phone and leaving a space, your TR ID / Foreigner ID number, the last 4 digits of your ID’s serial number, and the period you want to use your HES code (maximum 45 days) with a space between them and send it to 2023.

Write HES in capital letters and leave a space between them, respectively; you should write your nationality (IRN), passport number, date of birth (in Year), surname, and lastly the number of days and send it to 2023 via the message part of your phone. Example: HES IRN H78451289 1997 ADEM 365

Can I get HES Code on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can. As in the above text message example, you can get HES codes from your mobile line on behalf of the people you have identity information for.

How many days of HES Codes can I get at most?

You can receive a HES code valid for a maximum of 45 days via SMS. After 45 days, you need to get the HES code again. Your HES code must be valid for at least 7 more days from the date of travel. Unlimited HES codes can be obtained via the mobile application.

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