How Can Foreigners Renew Their Passports in Turkey?

Foreigners who live in Turkey should apply to the relevant institutions without wasting time if their passports expire while they are within the borders of the country, and they should renew their passports. However, they cannot renew the passports they get from their own countries by applying to the Population Directorates like Turkish people. Foreign citizens are required to apply to the embassies or consulates of the countries of their citizenship in Turkey to renew their passports during their stay in Turkey.

The information and documents required for passport updating procedures and the conditions to be followed differ for each country. Foreigners who want to update their passports in Turkey are recommended to apply to the embassies or consulates of their countries with all the information required for application.

What conditions must foreigners have to renew their passports?

If needs be list the specified criteria; their recent passport must be undamaged and can be presented at the time of application. It must be taken after the age of 16. It must have been acquired within 15 years and should have been given the current name, or the name change must be legally proven. If the specified conditions are not fulfilled, an application must be made to the consulate of citizenship in person.

How should foreigners apply for a passport renewal?

Foreigners who meet the specified criteria for passport renewal may prefer the method of sending documents by mail for their passport renewal applications. Thus, foreigners can send their passport update applications by mail to consulates or embassies in Ankara or Istanbul. However, foreigners who submit their applications should pay attention to which consulate or embassy they should apply to, depending on their province. Foreigners are required to get information from the websites of the embassies or consulates of the country of their citizenship to learn where to apply.

Foreign citizens who want to make their applications to the embassy or consulates in person must first make an appointment with the relevant institution. Appointments can be made through the online appointment system on the websites of the relevant institutions or by e-mail.

What are the passport renewal steps?

In the first stage, the application form must be filled in completely and the requested documents must be completed in the same way. The second stage is the payment of the specified application fee.

How long do new passports reach foreigners?

Passport renewal procedures for foreigners take 2 or 3 weeks. Passport document processing takes approximately 1 month. All renewed passports are sent to foreigners using cargo.

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