How Can Foreigners Change Their Addresses in Turkey?

Foreigners who apply for a residence permit and receive residence documents must add their address and contact information to their appointment documents when they make an appointment. Foreign citizens must notify the Immigration Management Directorate in their city if they change their address after their residence permit application is made or after their new residence ID has reached the person.

Similarly, foreign citizens who have a residence or work permit from consulates must apply to the Population Directorate within a maximum of twenty working days from the date of entry to Turkey and foreign citizens who receive a residence or work permit from within Turkey.

On the other hand, foreign citizens who move to a city other than the city where they obtained a residence permit must apply within a maximum of 20 working days and obtain a new residence permit. If the type of residence permit does not change in the process, a new residence permit document is issued.

However, if foreign citizens do not request a change of address within the specified period, they may face the cancellation of their identity because they do not request any control to be made.

Foreign citizens should report that they have changed their address by applying to the Directorate of Immigration Administration in their city with a few documents such as the rental agreement they have made after the address change for their identity not to be canceled.

The address change process takes place in a simple and short time. Ignoring not to change the address for foreign citizens can cause many negative problems. If the request of foreign citizens to change the address is not made on time, it causes the residence permit cancellation. Particular attention should be paid to what is stated and the laws must be strictly followed.

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