Getting a Residence Permit with Immovable Property

The rights given to Turkish citizens in foreign countries with the principle of reciprocity are given to the citizens of that country in Turkey. Following the principle of reciprocity, foreigners can acquire immovable property in Turkey. In other words, citizens of countries where Turks can own real estate can also acquire immovable in Turkey.

The conditions for foreigners to own real estate in Turkey have been facilitated with the amendment of the law on 03/05/2012. Turkey has decided to abolish the reciprocity principle for the citizens of 183 countries with the mentioned amendment. Now, there are no legal obstacles for citizens of countries where Turkish citizens cannot own real estate to acquire immovable property in Turkey. This change has been made to pave the way for foreign investments in Turkey and the principle of reciprocity has been lifted.

According to the decision of the International Protection Law No. 6458, foreign nationals who own immovable property in Turkey can apply for a short-term residence permit and obtain a residence permit in Turkey. According to the old law, only 3 months residence permit was given to the foreigner who owned the immovable property. However, foreigners who own immovable property are granted a maximum 1-year residence permit each time.

For a foreign citizen to apply for a residence permit due to immovable property, the immovable property must be used for residential purposes at the same time. If family members have a right to the house, they can apply for a residence permit as required by the immovable property.

A short-term residence permit application can also be made on the jointly purchased property. There are different details in obtaining a residence permit through the common property. The partnership bond on the property in the title deed must be mother, father, and child or husband and wife. When the specified conditions are met, a residence permit application can be made through only one person.

There is a certain limit to buy or invest in property to obtain citizenship, but there is no lower limit for the value of the property with this residence permit. Call Partners Global Property for the documents required for a residence permit and more. Partners Global Property is next to you for residence permits and more. Keep in mind that Partners Global Property always offers correct, legal, and economical solutions.

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