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Gaziosmanpaşa is one of the late period settlements located on the European side of Istanbul and established within the borders of Istanbul. Gaziosmanpaşa district, which started to develop especially after the 1950s, is a district that started to grow mostly with the effect of immigration from outside.

It is neighbours with Sultangazi, Eyüpsultan, Esenler and Bağcılar districts. The population of Gaziosmanpaşa district is around 487 thousand according to the latest census. The area of the region is, on average, 38 square kilometers.

At this point, we can say that the urbanization rate of Gaziosmanpaşa district, which has a very dense population, is extremely high. In addition, real estate portfolios for investors in Gaziosmanpaşa district generally include second-hand options. However, within the scope of urban transformation, luxury real estate projects are expected to increase in the region.

History of Gaziosmanpaşa

The location of Gaziosmanpaşa district, which was previously located within the borders of Eyüpsultan and Çatalca, was an empty and unused land until about the 1950s. Moreover, in the 1935s, the entire population living in the area where Gaziosmanpaşa is located was established on a rural settlement.

After the 1950s, with the acceleration of the immigration wave from the Balkans, Eyüpsultan’s settlements began to expand into this region. In a very short time, the population that settled in the region reached the level of 1 million and Gaziosmanpaşa started to be known as one of the densely populated locations of Istanbul.

The district of Gaziosmanpaşa, which was very unplanned urbanized at that time and the rate of slums was extremely high, has been structured within a modern plan today. Gaziosmanpaşa district, which has a more central administrative structure by obtaining the district status in 1963, has prioritized growth within a more systematic settlement plan since then.

Places to Visit in Gaziosmanpaşa Since Gaziosmanpaşa is mostly an urban settlement, places to visit in this region are mostly social areas such as shopping centres. Especially Venezia Mega Outlet, with its extraordinary concept, is among the places that draw the most attention of visitors to the district.

Venezia shopping centre, which is a shopping centre that focuses on the Venice concept, also hosts stores of world-famous brands. In addition to all these, there are also park areas such as Tayakadın promenade in the district where visitors can integrate with nature.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Gaziosmanpaşa

Since the Gaziosmanpaşa district is a cosmopolitan and densely populated location, different restaurant options can be found easily in the district. Fast-food chains, especially in areas such as Venezia Shopping Mall, can be shown among the most visited eating and drinking places in the district.

Likewise, meat restaurants in the butcher and steakhouse format are also available in the district. The Black Sea cuisine, tantuni sellers and kebab houses stand out within the scope of local delicacies.

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The Black Sea Cuisine
Steak & Meat Restaurants
Fast Food Chains
Street Flavors

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