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It is one of the most ethereal districts of Istanbul along with Fatih. Eyüpsultan district takes its name from Eyyub El Ensari, who was one of the important companions in the group who came to besiege Istanbul in the first years of the Islamic state.

With his will, he was transferred to this region after his death, and after the conquest of Istanbul, his tomb was built here by the order of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Apart from these, the Eyüpsultan district is one of the largest districts in Istanbul. Its total area covers an area of ​​242 square kilometres.

The population of the Eyüpsultan district is around 405 thousand according to the latest census. Eyüpsultan region, which is a very important location in terms of tourism, is a location visited by hundreds of thousands of both local and foreign tourists every year.

Real estate opportunities in the Eyüpsultan district, on the other hand, mostly include second-hand portfolios since the region is both an old settlement and its dense population. However, in the new urban transformation process, important real estate projects are expected to rise within the borders of the Eyüpsultan district.

History of Eyüpsultan

Although it was located outside the walls of Istanbul during the Eastern Roman period, this region was always a lively and busy area. Eyüpsultan district is a well-established district due to its location close to the Byzantine walls and the production potential of the villages in the region.

Apart from this, many of the camps of the Arabs who came to besiege Istanbul were established in this region. Many companions who were martyred during the siege were buried in this region. Therefore, after the Ottomans conquered Istanbul, comprehensive development plans were prepared for the city to grow into this part, which gave great importance to this region.

In fact, Fatih Sultan Mehmet ordered the construction of the first mosque of Istanbul in that area, after his teacher Akşemseddin determined the location of Eyüp Sultan’s tomb, and he ensured the construction of structures such as baths and bazaars in the region.

Then, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries, during the unplanned growth of Istanbul towards the outside of the city walls, the Eyüpsultan region became a second centre for the city. Due to the wars in the Balkans and the Caucasus regions, a large Turkish population came to Istanbul during this period and the majority of this population was settled in the Eyüpsultan region.

Eyüpsultan, which was an important centre for industrial development in the Ottoman Empire, is also known as an area where many factories such as Feshane were established during the industrialization process. Besides, Eyüpsultan was remembered as an important settlement in the Republican period, with its historical existence and economic production volume.

In 1936, Fatih, Beyoğlu and Sarıyer included some of the districts within their borders and obtained the district status. Eyüpsultan is one of the biggest districts of Istanbul today.

Places to Visit in Eyüpsultan

Eyüpsultan is one of the most historically important locations of Istanbul, as mentioned above. Due to its spiritual value, the Ottoman Empire made serious investments in this region and left great historical artefacts that still preserve their importance today.

At this point, there is an atmosphere where those who visit Eyüpsultan can experience the historical heritage and cultural texture of the district.

Pierre Lottie Hill, which is one of the first points that comes to mind especially when Eyüpsultan is mentioned, is a frequently visited area with its view that dominates a large part of the city and its ambience away from the noise. Apart from this, Göktürk Pond Nature Park, located in the northern parts of the district, is one of the natural wonders of not only the district but also the whole of Istanbul.

This area is ideal especially for people who want to escape from the noise of the city with its unique lake view and forests.

Food & Beverage and restaurants in Eyüpsultan

Eyüpsultan hosts many social areas and eating and drinking places with its historical texture and cosmopolitan structure. Eyüpsultan, which is very colourful especially during Ramadan, has many options for those who want to experience Ottoman cuisine.

Today in Ramadan festival held in a region called Feshane Turkey’s possible to experience local flavors from around the globe.

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