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It is one of the most populous districts on the European side of Istanbul. Esenler; It neighbours with the districts of Sultangazi, Gaziosmanpaşa, Bayrampaşa, Zeytinburnu, Başakşehir Güngören and Bağcılar. It is spread over a very small area in terms of area.

The average area value of the Esenler district is limited to only 19 square kilometres. It has the feature of being a residential area, where industrial branches and production are widespread. Esenler is a versatile cosmopolitan district.

For those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul, it is a settlement where mostly second-hand portfolio options come to the fore. There are also different types of projects and portfolios for the purchase of real estate near Esenler.

History of Esenler

Esenler’s history goes back to the old Byzantine civilization. Until the Ottoman Empire settled in the region before the conquest, there were always Byzantine villages in this region. The villages here helped to meet the logistics needs of Byzantium, such as food and supplies, which are economically called the walls.

They have undertaken serious responsibilities in terms of agricultural production. Byzantine villages also led to the development of transportation to the region. During the Ottoman period, it continued to exist as an area where most Greeks lived. The settlements here have been turned into an important commercial centre by connecting to the Mahmutbey sub-district.

During the Republic period, when the Greek population living in the region was exchanged to the Balkans, it was aimed to settle the Turkish population, especially from the Macedonian region.

Esenler, the inhabitants of Esenler, who took serious steps in the process of becoming a municipality especially after 1969, received the status of town municipality in the same year. It operated for a long time with an administrative structure within the borders of Bakırköy Municipality.

In 1992, it was included in Güngören. In 1993, it obtained the status of being a district and was entitled to establish its own municipal structuring.

Places to visit in Esenler

Esenler stands out with its central location and its proximity to other tourist attractions in Istanbul. At this point, there are many cultural activity areas such as museums, shopping centers, cinemas, and theatres within the borders of Esenler.

Besides, the district is home to historical buildings such as Davutpaşa Barracks, Hünkar Pavilion, Aqueduct, and Litros Aya Yorgi Church. Likewise, areas such as Hagia Sophia Mosque, Sultanahmet Area and Topkapı Palace, which are very close in terms of transportation, can be reached by only one vehicle.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Esenler

Esenler has many eating and drinking places due to its dense population and demographic structure. There are restaurants for different demands and tastes, and different alternative venues for local delicacies.

Especially within the scope of Anatolian cuisine, meat restaurants and kebab restaurants are frequently preferred. Likewise, the historical Davutpaşa Bakery in the region is also among the popular places in the district.

Anatolian Cuisine
Kebab Houses and Meat Restaurants
Bakery and Patisseries
Mediterranean Cuisine

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