Countries You Can Visit With Turkish Passport

Yes, it is possible to travel without a passport just like visa-free travel. Although not as long as the list of visa-free countries yet, there are also countries where you can go without a passport, only with ID.

As a Turkish citizen, there are countries where you can travel without a visa only with the Republic of Turkey ID card. You can add these countries to your list of places to visit to have a cheap abroad holiday without going to the consulate, paying a visa fee, renewing your passport, in short, without spending extra money.

Turkish citizens can travel to countries such as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Azerbaijan without the need for a visa, thanks to inter-state bilateral agreements, only with identification. The number of countries that can travel without a visa in the future is expected to increase even more.

Let us remind you that you must have a new type of chip ID card. You can easily travel to TRNC, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Azerbaijan using only your identity card.

Is it possible to go abroad without a passport?

Yes, you can go abroad without a passport. Turkish citizens can go without a passport to countries that have an identity card. However, Ukraine and Moldova only accept chip ID cards for passport-free travel.

How to go abroad without a passport?

Completing the foreign exit form given at the border gate and paying the foreign fee is sufficient for travel without a passport. You should keep the form stamped by the police of the country you entered, during your trip and not lose it until you return to Turkey. Footnote: In order not to have any problems when traveling to countries that do not require passports, do not forget to take your accommodation information and a photocopy of your return ticket.

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