Can You Become a Turkish Citizen by Marriage?

The conditions for foreigners to become Turkish citizens through marriage are regulated following the relevant article of the law. The case of a foreigner marrying a Turkish citizen does not give the foreigner the right to become a Turkish citizen on its own.

Following the relevant law, a foreign national who has a residence permit must have the following conditions to become a citizen through his spouse:

  • The foreigner who will apply for citizenship must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and the marriage must continue;
  • Participation of spouses in the unity of family; the foreigner should not act against the marriage union,
  • The foreigner should not be in a situation that would threaten public security.

Foreigners who marry a Turkish citizen can apply for citizenship by going to the governorship in the city they reside in if they meet all of the above conditions. However, if the spouse, who is a Turkish citizen, dies after the date of citizenship application, the condition of “living in the unity of the family of the spouses” stated in the above conditions is not required. Foreigners who are entitled to Turkish citizenship can apply for Turkish citizenship at any time.

Does Turkish citizenship end in case of divorce?

If a person who is a Turkish citizen through marriage wants to divorce his Turkish spouse for any reason, his/her citizenship will continue as it is. Termination of his/her marriage does not affect his/her citizenship. Marrying a Turkish citizen to a Syrian does not give him/her Turkish citizenship.

If the Turkish spouse dies, will the foreign person forfeit the right to become a citizen?

A foreigner is entitled to be a Turkish citizen, provided that he has been married to a Turkish for at least 3 years. The initiative to exercise this right is left to him. They can either apply for Turkish citizenship on the day they acquire this right or apply to become a Turkish citizen through marriage after 10 years. If a foreigner dies without using this right, the foreigner’s right to become a Turkish citizen continues.

Does the foreign spouse have to reside in Turkey?

It is not obligatory to reside in Turkey for the foreign spouse to get Turkish citizenship. Marriage can also be sustainable anywhere outside of Turkey, and after 3 years, Turkish citizenship can be applied for.

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