Can Foreigners Purchase a Car in Turkey?

People who meet the specified conditions are exempted from customs duty, VAT, and SCT for the vehicle they bring from abroad. For these people to be legal to use guest vehicles in Turkey, license plates are allocated with the letter system in the range of MA-MZ starting with the license plate number of the province they live in. These transactions are also called tax-free cars, foreign to the foreign or blue plate.

People who can bring tax-free vehicles from abroad

  • Diplomatic mission representations and civil servants without diplomatic status,
  • Foreign personnel affiliated with NATO,
  • Foreign lecturers and students,
  • Foreigners residing in Turkey who have retired abroad,
  • Foreign athletes affiliated with the federation,
  • Employees of foreign press organizations residing abroad, residing in Turkey,
  • Foreigners who reside in Turkey but also have a work permit,
  • Foreign experts temporarily working in various ministries within the scope of EU programs and projects,
  • Blue cardholders who are out of Turkish citizenship and foreign nationals who reside in Turkey, work, study.

Transactions to be made for the vehicle to be brought from abroad to be used in Turkey without tax

People who can bring tax-free vehicles from abroad, as mentioned above, must also own a vehicle. Vehicles licensed on another person cannot benefit from tax exemption.

For guest vehicles that are intended to be used without tax in Turkey, if the person applies to the Customs Directorate they are affiliated with when they enter Turkey with their registered vehicles, the process of bringing tax-free vehicles from abroad starts. Tax-free vehicle bringing transactions from abroad are carried out in two ways, as unsecured and secured, depending on the work performed by the people and their positions.

For unsecured vehicles, transactions are carried out with a letter of undertaking and a temporary entry document with the effect of a guarantee, which includes the declarations of their owners and it is issued with the approval of the representative offices of their affiliated organizations. Foreign vehicles are transacted with a temporary entry carnet issued by the Turing Automobile Authority in cash or return for a bank letter of guarantee.

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