Can Foreign Nationals Take the Exam of Higher Education Institutions?

People who have completed high school education want to enter university to get an education for better lives and job opportunities. Turkish citizens take the ”YKS” (the exam of higher education institutions) exam after high school education, and according to the exam results, they are entitled to settle in universities in Turkey.

Can foreign students apply to YKS?

Of course, foreign nationals can apply and take the exam of Higher Education Institutions. However, those who do not have Turkish citizenship cannot enroll in the university according to the results of the YKS exam.

Do foreign students have to take YKS?

Foreign students do not have to take YKS. Even if foreigners receive their education in Turkey, they do not have to enter YKS without being Turkish citizens. However, they can participate in the exam preferably by making an application for trial purposes. However, they cannot enroll in a university with an exam result.

Which university exam can foreigners take to continue their education in Turkey?

Foreign students can take the Foreign Student Exam, namely ”YÖS” (the exam of foreign students), to continue their university life in Turkey. Where foreigners complete their high school education is ignored. YÖS varies according to each university.

For example, Istanbul University determines a day for YÖS and can hold the exam on its own initiative only in Istanbul or in another city. Not every university may have a YÖS exam. In addition, any university can accept foreigners according to the YÖS results of Istanbul University.

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