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It is located at the intersection of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus line in the north of Istanbul’s Asian side. Beykoz is one of the largest districts of the city in terms of area.

It has a direct view of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. In this sense, the Beykoz district has unique groves, viewpoints, and natural beauties. It is neighbors with another large district, Şile. Beykoz is also neighbors with Çekmeköy, Üsküdar and Ümraniye districts. It is also on the transition route of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the new bridge of Istanbul.

Beykoz is close to important roads, especially in terms of intercity transit transportation. In addition to all these, Beykoz is geographically one of the unique locations of Istanbul. Especially, it hosts the most important forests of Istanbul. Beykoz has a very rich forest strip that includes tree species such as oak, hornbeam, acorn, alder, beech and hazel.

Besides, there is a transition-type climate that is a mixture of Mediterranean and Black Sea climates throughout the district. Real estate projects that isolate themselves from the crowd of the city stand out in Beykoz due to its natural conditions and environment. In Beykoz, where mostly detached types and luxury villa portfolios stand out, many Istanbul investment opportunities can be easily found for investors with different expectations.

History of Beykoz

The oldest known historical evidence in the Beykoz district, which dates back to ancient times, goes back to the 700s BC. The Thracians, which came from different locations and settled in Beykoz were one of the first tribes to settle in the Istanbul region.

After this tribe, which was known as warriors in history and gave its name to the Thrace region, the Bithynian kings ruled in Beykoz. After the last king of Bithynia, the region was completely connected to the Roman Empire. When the empire split into two in the 300s after Christ, it came under the rule of Byzantium. At the end of the 600s, it is possible to find traces of the Persian Empire in the region.

In the same period, the Arabs, who tried to conquer Istanbul, captured this region. This region, which later came under the protection of Byzantium, continued to remain under Byzantine protection until the Ottomans came to the region in the 1400s. Beykoz, which has been a very important location for the Ottoman Empire since this date, resembles a paradise with its magnificent streams, recreation areas and woodlands. During these periods, it stands out as an area where the Ottoman ruling team often spent time hunting.

Any of the subjects are prohibited from entering this area, which is mostly used as a hunting ground for the ruling class. In the following periods, town-type settlements also became widespread in Beykoz, especially in the coastal areas. The Ottoman developments in this region such as mosques, baths, arcades and bazaars caused the region to become an important centre of attraction in time.

Places to Visit in Beykoz

Beykoz stands out with its natural beauties, recreation areas, woodland areas and viewpoints. In this context, there are many areas that those who plan to visit the Beykoz district can visit throughout the district.

Especially Beykoz Grove is a frequently visited attraction centre with its unique Bosphorus view and social areas. Another important place to be seen in the region is Mihrimah Grove. Mihrimah Grove, which sees the Bosphorus with a very fascinating view, is an ideal location with breakfast places.

For the historical texture of the region, one of the most important historical buildings within the borders of Beykoz district, Hidiv Pavilion, can be visited. This building, which stands out with its unique architecture, has an important place among Classical Ottoman buildings.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Beykoz

As in the rest of Istanbul, Beykoz also has a multicultural understanding of cuisine.

However, this distinguished location, which has a coast to both the Black Sea and the Bosphorus, stands out, especially with its fish and seafood. Fishermen on the coast are among the most visited restaurants. In addition to all these, cafes and breakfast houses in the woods and wooded parts of Beykoz can be shown among the popular eating and drinking places of the district.

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