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Beşiktaş is one of the major attraction centres of Istanbul. Beşiktaş stands out with its active social life and cultural and artistic activities. Beşiktaş, one of the most popular attractions in Istanbul, is on the shores of the Bosphorus; it is also home to beautiful neighbourhoods such as Bebek, Arnavutköy and Ortaköy.

It is one of the most visited districts by tourists coming to Istanbul. Beşiktaş stands out with its elite population and cosmopolitan structure. In addition to natural environments such as Yıldız Park, it is also home to important historical buildings such as Dolmabahçe Palace. Beşiktaş is visited by millions of tourists each year from the world and Turkey.

According to the current census, the approximate population value is around 182 thousand. Beşiktaş district is a district with a low population compared to its area. In addition to all these, the Beşiktaş district is one of the important locations on the Bosphorus strip of Istanbul, with an area of 18 square kilometres.

At this point, Beşiktaş’s coastline and beaches are among the most visited locations in the district. Apart from this, the Beşiktaş region stands out especially with the property types in the luxury segment. Options such as luxury villas and mansions for different investor groups are also among the prominent portfolios in the Beşiktaş district.

History of Beşiktaş

It is one of the oldest and most established districts of Istanbul. Beşiktaş was an important settlement during both the Eastern Roman period and the Ottoman Empire. However, this distinguished location only gained the feature of a permanent settlement during the Ottoman period. However, at that time, the structuring processes started in Beşiktaş.

Due to the temporary and unstable settlements of the Byzantine period, the Beşiktaş district has been called by many different names throughout history. The source of the name Beşiktaş comes from Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha, the imposing sailor of the Ottoman Empire. “Five Stones”, which are 5 poles built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha to moor his ships in the region, has undergone a linguistic change over time. It has become today’s Beşiktaş.

Therefore, this region was started to be known as Beşiktaş afterwards. In the 17th century, the reconstruction in the region gained momentum. With the erection of structures such as Yıldız Palace and Çırağan Palace, Beşiktaş has become the second centre of Istanbul. In the Republican period, Dolmabahçe Palace, where Atatürk resided in Istanbul, is located within the borders of Beşiktaş.

It has also been called the second administrative center of the state. Beşiktaş, which was connected to the Beyoğlu district until the 1930s, has gained the status of a district since this year. In 1954, Teşvikiye, one of the important neighborhoods of the district, joined the district of Şişli.

Places to visit in Beşiktaş

As we mentioned above, Beşiktaş stands out with its historical artifacts and culture. Beşiktaş, where important Baroque period works of the Ottoman Empire are exhibited, stands out with its unique view of the Bosphorus. Among these, Yıldız Park is one of the largest green areas in the city.

Therefore, it stands out with its unique woodland and Bosphorus view. This park, which also hosts important historical monuments such as Yıldız Palace, promises its visitors an atmosphere that complements the natural beauty and historical texture of the city. In addition to all these, Dolmabahçe Palace, where Atatürk spent the last years of his life, is one of the most popular historical works in the district with its Baroque-style architecture.

Its construction was completed in the 1850s and was built by Abdülmecit. I. Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most important works in Turkish architecture. Likewise, another work that must be seen by people who plan to visit Beşiktaş is the Sinanpaşa Mosque. Sinan Pasha Mosque was made Sinan the architect by Chief Admiral Sinan Pasha in the 100th year of the conquest of Istanbul in 1553. It is a work that stands out with its glamorous interior coatings.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş hosts many important universities such as Yıldız Technical, Galatasaray and Bahçeşehir University. Beşiktaş is a cosmopolitan district with a majority student population. Due to its multicultural structure, there are different gastronomy and cuisine cultures in the district. It stands out with its fishermen and seafood restaurants. There are also breezes from Anatolian cuisine in Beşiktaş.

Fish and Seafood Restaurants
Breakfast Places
Kebab Restaurant and Tantuni Restaurant
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Anatolian Cuisine & Home Cooking
Balkan Cuisine

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