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Bayrampaşa district, located on the European side of Istanbul, is approximately 6 kilometres from the centre of Istanbul. It is neighbours with Gaziosmanpaşa, Eyüp, Zeytinburnu and Esenler districts. Bayrampaşa district is in a central location.

Located on the crossing route of the E5 road, the district is at a location where metro-bus and metro lines also pass. Bayrampaşa, which has a central location at the exit of the historical peninsula, stands out as the district with the lowest area in Istanbul after Güngören, with a surface area of 9.54 square kilometres. According to the latest census, it has a population of approximately 275 thousand people.

Bayrampaşa is also among the districts of Istanbul with the highest population density. Besides, the district has an important potential in terms of the city economy. Bayrampaşa, which has an economic and commercial structure, attracts great attention especially with large shopping centers such as Forum Istanbul. Besides, real estate projects for investment purposes within the borders of Bayrampaşa as a popular location are also popular with domestic and foreign investors.

Bayrampaşa History

Until the 1970s, it was called the agricultural production centre of Istanbul. Bayrampaşa district was opened to the settlement of Turkish people from the Balkans towards the end of the 1920s. However, the district, which was dominated by a rural settlement model until the 1950s, was used as a promenade for a long time.

Sağmalcılar district was also known as the district centre and is the place where the first city-type settlements in the district were established. Sağmalcılar district was brought into village status in 1954, so the foundations of the administrative structure in the district were laid in those years. It was located near the Maltepe military barracks, which was one of the important military barracks in Istanbul at that time.

For this reason, this area is also named “Behind the Barracks”. The town of Sağmalcılar, which received the municipality status in 1960, was officially named after the farm of Bayrampaşa, one of the important grand viziers in the region. Until 1990, it was a town of Eyüp district. On this date, Bayrampaşa was upgraded to district status with an official decree and gained its present borders.

Places to Visit in Bayrampaşa

Bayrampaşa is a district where social life is very active with its urbanized settlement, active dense population and proximity to the centre. Among the places to visit in Bayrampaşa, there are facilities such as cinema, theatre and museum, especially for culture and art activities.

Besides, Forum Istanbul, one of the largest shopping centers in Istanbul, is one of the most visited facilities in the district. Forum Istanbul, which also hosts many famous brands and food and beverage facilities, is one of the places where social life is most active in Bayrampaşa. In addition to all these, AdaPark, which exhibits thematic features and includes an amusement park, is among the biggest amusement parks not only in Bayrampaşa but also in Istanbul.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Bayrampaşa

Bayrampaşa, which is a multicultural district and hosts people from different walks of life, reflects its cosmopolitan structure to its food and beverage venues. In this context, there are restaurants with different concepts for different tastes in the district. Especially famous restaurants with local delicacies such as iskender, doner, lahmacun and kebab are among the places most preferred by the local population. Apart from this, there are alternatives from world cuisine such as pizza, sushi and falafel among the eating and drinking places in Bayrampaşa.

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