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Located in the European part of Istanbul, the Bakırköy district was established in 1926. It is one of the oldest and well-established districts in Istanbul. Bakırköy, until 1989, included Küçükçekmece, Bahçelievler, Bağcılar and Güngören towns.

Therefore, its area covered an area of 275 square kilometres. Its area today is only 32 square kilometres. After 1989, after the separation of many districts and neighbourhoods, Bakırköy decreased both in terms of population and area and reached its present borders. Besides, it is very easy to reach the district since it is located directly on the E5 route and metro-bus lines.

Today’s population is approximately 225 thousand. Bakırköy is a location with a high population density compared to its surface area. With its real estate opportunities, Bakırköy has a diversity that appeals to different investor profiles. Hosting especially Istanbul’s luxury real estate projects, Bakırköy stands out as a region that attracts the attention of qualified investors.

History of Bakırköy

Historically, it is a well-established location. Bakırköy was a settlement where life was extremely active both in the Ancient and Roman periods. Bakırköy, which hosted palaces, mansions and churches belonging to the Eastern Roman civilization in the 300s after Christ, is referred to as Septimum in records at that time. It was used as a military centre during the Byzantine Empire.

This area was known as the most important settlement of Istanbul outside the city walls. This region, which was attacked by Avar, Arab and Bulgarian, was largely devastated during the Latin occupation in the 12th century. The region that was conquered by the Ottomans in the middle of the 14th century was named Makriköy. It was opened to the settlement of the Muslim population during the 17th century.

In the first years of the Republic, the district name was changed to Bakırköy within the scope of the nationalization of the location names within the local borders. The cloth factory and other industrial establishments established in the region during the Republic period accelerated the economic development of the district and thus strengthened the modernization process.

Places to Visit in Bakırköy

Bakırköy is a very lively location with its social facilities, cultural structure, historical depth, shopping and entertainment centres. It is the most active district of Istanbul with districts such as Şişli and Kadıköy. Bakırköy has a wide range of social activities. There are many museums and art galleries in the area for visitors whose priority is a culture-focused experience. Especially the Air Force Museum is one of the most interesting activity areas for visitors.

Besides, Istanbul Aquarium is a place where visitors can observe hundreds of different marine animals. Florya also hosts areas intertwined with nature such as social facilities and Atatürk Forest. Bakırköy district is also known for its pine groves and wooded areas. Especially Atatürk Forest is a location that should be visited by people who want to experience the natural beauties of the district.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Bakırköy

Bakırköy district is a multicultural and cosmopolitan location. Therefore, the cuisine culture of the district is not uniform. As in the whole of Istanbul, there are inspirations from both Anatolian cuisine and world cuisine in the Bakırköy district.

Especially kebab houses, black sea cuisine, tantuni, kokoreç (grilled sheep’s intestines) and meatballs are the most common local delicacies. Apart from these, different alternatives from both Mediterranean cuisine and Far East cuisine can be found easily in the Bakırköy district.

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