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It is one of the important districts on the European side of Istanbul. Bahçelievler district is adjacent to Bakırköy, Küçükçekmece, Bağcılar and Güngören districts. Bahçelievler, whose average area is approximately 17 square kilometers, has a population of approximately 600 thousand.

It has a very large population according to its area. Bahçelievler stands out as one of the most populous districts of Istanbul. Besides, Bahçelievler, which is a highly industrially developed region, is known as the first industrial estate and the region where the jewelry cooperative was established in Turkey. Likewise, Bahçelievler, which is a very important location for real estate investment in Istanbul, also hosts luxurious and prestigious real estate projects.

History of Bahçelievler

According to historical sources, agricultural villages and settlements were established in the region to meet the agricultural product needs of the city centre during the Eastern Roman period. The location, which was called Hepdemon during the Byzantine Empire, was established on the transit route of the caravans coming to Istanbul from outside in the trade with the Balkans.

When the Turks entered Istanbul in 1453, Orthodox Greeks living in the region left the district, and then the region remained empty for a long time. During the Republic period, the urbanization process of Bahçeşehir gained speed especially since 1955. In addition to London Asphalt, which is one of the important roads of this region, access to the district has become easier with the construction of E5. Bahçelievler, which finally left the district of Bakırköy in 1992 and obtained the status of district, is one of the most popular locations in Istanbul today.

Places to visit in Bahçelievler

Bahçelievler is a location that stands out with its unique social texture and historical artefacts. It has a very active social life, especially with important shopping centres such as Metroport, Ömür Plaza and StarCity Outlet. This district also draws attention to its cultural environment. In addition to this, places such as Milli Egemenlik Park and picnic areas that isolate themselves from the noise of the city are frequently visited by visitors.

Apart from this, the cultural texture and historical artifacts of the district draw great attention. Especially Siyavuş Pasha Pavilion, known as ”Havuzlu Köşk”, impresses visitors with its Classical Period Ottoman architecture. Likewise, the Çobançeşme Bridge, a historical monument from the Roman Period, is not only among the important historical works of Bahçelievler but also of Istanbul.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Bahçelievler

Some restaurants focus on different concepts and tastes in Bahçelievler, where takeaway options are widespread due to its dense population. It stands out especially with its flavours that symbolize Anatolian cuisine. Apart from Bahçelievler restaurants, some restaurants focus on Mediterranean cuisine.

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