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Bağcılar is located on the European side of Istanbul and it is the location with the third-highest population in the city. Bağcılar district has dynamized with the migration from the Black Sea Region and Eastern Anatolia regions, especially after the 1980s.

The population growth rate has slowed down today, as it has reached saturation in terms of zoning and construction. Since new real estate projects are not designed, real estate investments in the region stand out as second-hand portfolios. Real estate sales are made for more settlements in the district. Real estate options for investment purposes are limited throughout the district.

In addition to all these, it is located between the TEM highway and the E-5 highways. Therefore, it is located at a very easy point in terms of transportation. It borders with other cosmopolitan districts such as Küçükçekmece and Bahçelievler. Bağcılar district has a multicultural and dynamic social environment in parallel with its dense population.

History of Bağcılar

The villages of Mahmutbey, where mostly Greeks lived during the Ottoman period, were established very close to the present position of Bağcılar. Among these, especially the village called Çıfıtburgaz is located within the current borders of the district. It is a village mentioned in historical sources.

During the Republic period, as a result of the settlement of Turks who came from the Balkans, especially from the Thessaloniki region through the exchange, to the region, the population in Bağcılar increased significantly. In the 1925s, Turkish people from the Balkans concentrated on viniculture activities in the region. The region was first named Yeşilbağ and then Bağcılar.

Bağcılar, which was formerly connected to Bakırköy district, left Bakırköy in 1992 and gained the status of a district. It has become unplanned urbanized due to the intense migration it received especially after the ’70s. Bağcılar district went to a more systematic growth after the administrative structure changed in 1992, and today many infrastructure problems of the district have been solved.

Places to visit in Bağcılar

It is one of the most populous districts of Istanbul. Bağcılar stands out with its social activity areas and shopping centres due to intense urbanization. Among these, Güneşli Park AVM is one of the most visited areas for entertainment and shopping activities by the people living in Bağcılar.

In this context, those who come to the district from outside also visit Güneşli Park AVM for socializing. 212 Outlet, another shopping centre in the district, draws the attention of visitors with its modern appearance and the foreign brands it hosts. Besides, the municipal parks and social facilities in the district draw the attention of the local people. Kestane Garden is one of the biggest parks of Bağcılar.

It is among the important attractions of the district with its scenery, picnic areas, artificial waterfalls and camellias. Many activities can be organized for cinema and cultural activities in the district.

Food & Beverage Places and Restaurants in Bağcılar

As mentioned above, Bağcılar is a cosmopolitan location. Bağcılar also stands out with its food & beverage venues that appeal to different tastes. In Bağcılar, where Eastern Anatolia and Black Sea cuisines are predominant, especially due to migration flow, kebab houses, fish restaurants and similar eating and drinking places can be easily found.

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