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Arnavutköy district, located in the northern part of Istanbul, is a quiet and charming location on the Black Sea coast. Since it is far from the city center, it is in a location where transportation from the central districts of Istanbul is difficult. It is named after the “Albanian Village” because it is located on the way to Edirne. It is known that this district was called by the same name even in the 1800s. Arnavutköy district, which has an area of approximately 500 square kilometers, stands out as one of the largest districts of Istanbul.

History of Arnavutköy

The most detailed data about the history of Arnavutköy can be found in the 1800s. After the Treaty of Lausanne in population exchanges between Greece and Turkey has become an important position. Edirne Asphalt, which is an important route for transportation to the Balkans, is in this district. Edirne Asphalt was repaired in the 1930s for convoys made with horse carriages to move more easily. This road has also been used frequently for the resettlement of the population coming from the regions of Greece and Bulgaria through the exchange. Arnavutköy reached its current status by leaving the district of Gaziosmanpaşa in 2009.

Places to Visit in Arnavutköy

When it comes to places to visit in Arnavutköy, it is possible to mention many locations for different expectations and activities. Among these, Taşoluk Yeşil Mosque is a structure that attracts the attention of those who visit the region. The building, which is the second mosque with six minarets in Istanbul after Blue Mosque, with its architecture, resembles the temples of the Classical Ottoman period with its architecture.

Besides, the Arnavutköy district stands out with its eye-catching natural beauties. Especially Göktürk Pond is among the most beautiful and tranquil locations in Istanbul. It is an ideal place for a sightseeing experience in touch with nature away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Göktürk Pond is a place that nature-lovers should definitely see. Likewise, Aziz Paşa Promenade, which is close to Arnavutköy but is located within the borders of Eyüpsultan, is among the prominent attractions in the region. The recreation area in a lush forest is among the primary choices of visitors who want to have a pleasant time with their loved ones near Arnavutköy.

Food & Beverage & Restaurants in Arnavutköy

Near Arnavutköy, you can easily find many eating and drinking places that are suitable for different tastes and represent different culinary cultures. Considering the cosmopolitan structure of Istanbul, among the restaurants of Arnavutköy, you can easily find places that represent different gastronomy trends, Anatolian cuisine, and kebab culture.

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